About Us

It is spring now. The storks, having their sails of wings spread,
are soaring above the whole surface of our country.
There are thousands of them – who could ever count them?
The roofs of farmer houses, trees, columns of the old destroyed palaces,
chapel piers in the young green rye, are covered with them.
Their nests are everywhere, that’s is why in these days, and not only in them,
I think that our land, the country of Belarus,
can be called “the country under white wings”.

Vladimir Korotkevich,
Belarusian writer

Storks, according to Slavic mythology, are blessed birds. Despite there being many of them all over the world, they are known as symbol of Belarus. This is why our country has the unofficial name of “the land under white wings”. White is a pure, noble, light-carrying color.

Allow us to lift you up on our white wing and let us guide you. I hope you will be brave enough to trust us, take off and explore the new land on your way. You will be "under our wing", surrounded by the professional care of me and my colleagues.

Time has brought together a team of like-minded local enthusiasts. Each of us has a huge independent wealth of travel experience, and it is precisely this, which has inspired us to learn as much as possible about our homeland and grow as professionals in tourism. At different periods of our lives, we caught ourselves thinking that we are keen on helping foreign guests to understand our country better, and maybe one day to make you fall in love with Belarus as we once did.

As a fairly young team, we are open to everything new. We follow the world trends of tourism and aim to introduce it in Belarus. At the same time, we highly appreciate and follow our elder colleague’s experience, based on the proven methods of their work.

You are always welcome to ask us for our advice, and we would sincerely appreciate your honest feedback about our work.

Have a wonderful journey around Belarus!

Alina Dmitrovich,
White Wings Ltd.